What is wordpress?
Wordpress is at its core defined as the most straightforward, online open source content management system written in PHP and combined with both a MySQL or MariaDB database. In earlier times, wordpress created initially as the powerful blogging platform and still, it exists today. Since wordpress considered as open-source CMS, any users can use or modify wordpress features for free and it is the simplest solution in use. Because CMS is a software tool that is easy to access, manage like create, edit and publish content that stored on the web. According to statistic, wordpress powers over 35% websites on the internet and in that top 10 million websites are also included. Yes! You can see one in four websites that you visit are developed in wordpress platform.
Wordpress is a platform where you able to create post or pages without having any knowledge in the HTML code. Why did people consider dominate wordpress for website building? There are a handful of features that make wordpress productive like:
WordPress is free
As wordpress licensed under the GPL which has more capacity to protect your freedom from the website development. So every user can download wordpress for free like to install, modify, use and to distribute for wordpress website development.
WordPress is open-source
Wordpress started its journey with an open-source license, which helps users to use and download the software as per the way you like. There exist many volunteers who are keen on supporting wordpress growth across the globe. And hence it considered as open-source plaform.
WordPress is versatile
Wordpress is a versatile means; it can run any types of website with your choice. No matter if it is a simple or complicated website. Websites like a business site, a blog site, an eCommerce store, a government website, a directory site, a fitness site, or even a network of websites. WordPress is simple to handle this kind of websites.
Wordpress is entirely customizable
Wordpress build with many plugins and themes that help to change the entire look of a website structure; hence they are rich with the customizable feature. They even add many features like online store, mailing list, gallery and more.
Search engine optimized
Many SEO plugins exist to support in wordpress and hence it is completely optimized for search engines. When improving your wordpress seo is more suitable for getting traffic to your website and leads to more business conversion.

When there exist many platforms for website development, obviously there will be confusion regarding the choice. Is wordpress right fit for your business? Yes! If you are looking for a tool that helps you to build your own blog or website without knowing how to code, then wordpress satisfy all your choice with its features. WordPress is incredibly flexible and made up of many free and premium plugins and themes to ensure your website grow successfully in the future. If you trust this, all features are helpful, then look forward to building your business with wordpress!.