It was just like any other story.

Sitting in an air-conditioned cubicle, keyboards whispering all around, Tovino contemplated on the years passed by. The school, graduation and first job had all followed the protocol. But beyond the protocol was a cherished dream. One that was never pursued. It was…just like any other story.

Except, it hadn’t reached the climax.

In no time, the storyline changed drastically. The IT professional loosened his tie, and set off to Ernakulam, where Cinema was, where dreams prospered.

Born and brought up in the humbling town of Irinjalakuda, Tovino always had strings attached to mainstream media. Short films and modelling stints buzzed around him, yet the dream of being an actor had to wait. But once that pursuit was taken up, it was an all-out effort.

5 years since, the effort speaks for itself. A handful of movies and even more memorable portrayals has risen Tovino to one of the popular young names in the industry. The greeting of fans and flashes of the camera is a dream being lived…

Again, the story hasn’t reached the climax. Not yet.

A week of symfony #159 (11->17 January 2010)

Tovino Thomas